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Mont'Durance offers high-quality, scientific based coaching for recreational and competitive athletes. You can rely on Mont'Durance for strength- and endurance-oriented training guidance, rehabilitation & injury prevention, but also for nutritional advice or general tips & tricks. Thanks to a structured training approach we want our customers to push their sporting boundaries and prepare them to get the most out of their planned objective.

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Mont'Durance Strength Training Romy Kasper.jpg
Romy Kasper – Professioneel wielrenster Team Jumbo Visma

I always did strength training in the past, but with Marjolein it was my first experience with maximal isometric strength training. I liked it and it’s a great advantage that you can do it easily everywhere without much effort, but with great results.

Mont'Durance Marathon Training Hans D.jpg
Hans Desmyter – Marathon – van 3u19 naar 3u07 dankzij het Elite Pakket

Due to the personal approach of Axel and Marjolein, you feel, especially during the difficult moments, that you are never alone. This ensures that you can work towards your goal in optimal, but realistic conditions, both mentally and physically. Thank you Marjolein & Axel!


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Mont'Durance Coaching Cycling
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Mont'Durance guides clients in a complete and scientific approach to achieve their personal goals. We do this by drawing up a training plan with a detailed elaboration of each type of training. Through close communication and testing of the training results, we monitor the progress and continuously adjust the training program and the exercises. We can also give advice on nutrition adapted to the daily efforts and the purchase of the appropriate material.


  • Rehabilitation

  • Adapted nutrition

  • Personal training: 1 on 1 & small groups


Mont'Durance offers online consultations regarding nutritional advice, rehabilitation and personal training/strength training.

Contact us for the organization of online small group classes. Injured athletes can rely on us for rehabilitation advice and a treatment plan. We take care of the entire process from the injury to return to the highest possible level of sports practice.


  • 60 euro / hour

  • 30 euro / half hour


  • Ski touring & split boarding

  • Cycling camps

  • Adventurous trips


Mont'Durance organizes supervised training camps where everything is taken care of for optimal training and recovery. This is the best way to get the most out of your training camps moments.

In association with 


Mont'Durance Coaching Trainer Axel Sleebus


During his career as an international athlete in canoe slalom, Axel Sleebus laid the foundation for his passion in sports and coaching. He continues to develop himself through extensive research in all areas of elite level sport coaching. Axel is a trainer who focuses on the full range of coaching, covering all aspects from sports physiology to strength training &  injury prevention, nutrition and material choice.



Professional Credentials:


Fysiotherapist Seez (FRA)

Master's Degree Sport Fysiotherapy

Dry Needling

VTS Instructor B Whitewater Kayak

Orthomolecular Therapist (according to kPNI)


Marjolein Decroix is an Olympian in Alpine Slalom Skiing and has had the ambition from an early age to share her passion for sport with others. She knows best how an athlete from a country without mountains, with limited time and resources, can still achieve his or her goals step by step. She believes that with persistence, motivation and the right team, you can make every dream come true. Periodization, continuous adjustment in a didactically positive & motivating way and the monitoring of mental energy, are the basic principles in her training guidance. During her specific strength, endurance and technique training, she is always looking for the most efficient, innovative and challenging exercises.  

Professional references:  

Master of Physical Education and Movement Sciences

Major Training & Coaching - Alpine Skiing

VTS Instructor Alpine Skiing

Trainer Ice Mountain Racing Team

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From €29  / month


Standard training plan per sport and per goal


Questions by email


From €58  / month


Personal training plan adapted to level, goal, availability,...



Monthly follow-up


Questions by email


From €100 / month


Personal training plan (sport specific training, competition planning, strength training)




Continuous adjustment via close communication


Excl. testing for 3 months, incl. testing if desired for a full year

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